Djing is about understanding music and peoples’ mindset, It’s about playing a game wherein the power of singularity, flow of energy and sharing the vibe is key - Dj Agni

DJ Agni being the first Indian female DJ in Hong Kong is a prominent name in Hong Kong Club Nightlife. Since 2011 DJ Agni has revamped the Bollywood Club Culture in Hong Kong & has build up a huge fan base amongst the young South Asians in Hong Kong. Currently rocking the Hong Kong party circuit DJ Agni has revamped the Bollywood parties in Hong Kong with her Desified music sense. 

DJ Agni has been has been spinning her magic in various clubs, venues & events in Hong Kong, Macau, China, Malaysia, Singapore. From wedding events to corporate events to club events to private events DJ Agni can hold the dance floor with her rhythm & beat.  

DJ AGNI is a versatile artist who loves to spin various genre of music Hip Hop, RnB, EDM, Techno, House, Commercial Club and Bollywood. Be it retro or classic 90s to current hits she ensure to be inclusive of all age group of music lovers. Her arena of talent expands from being a DJ, a VJ & also as hosting events as an anchor.

Holi Beach Party is one of the biggest colour festival in Hong Kong and is a brainchild of DJ Agni. This event truly represents the spirit of the vibrant Hong Kong making its way to Hong Kong Museum of Art & culture.